Liang Jin

Thank you so much for a wonderful year of math learning for Ryan! I’d like to share another good news with you, Ryan attended the MOEMS in his school (South Elementary School, Andover) and won the highest individual score among all kids (2rd to 5th grade). He scored 23 points out of total 25, and ranked top 2%. Below please find his photo holding the trophy and the Math Kangaroo certificate. And hope you have a great summer!

Edward and Olga Mints

A note of appreciation  from Max’s dad and me: for all incoming high school freshmen, teachers have to recommend each student for a certain level in core subjects (at least,  this is how it works in the Newton public school system). Max got recommended for the highest level in math! I totally attribute this to the knowledge and quality of teaching that first Bella , and then you  shared with him! Thank you!

Cindy Malhotra

My son and daughter have always loved math but was never challenged. One of our friends introduced us to the MathPlus program and it has changed the way my children leaned math in so many positive ways.  We have been with the program for almost three years now.  The Mathplus program has provided him the opportunity to dig deeply into the subject and challenged him to think critically.  Mrs. Bella who is the Principal of the Mathplus Program is the most competent, most informed, and the most caring teacher we have known.  She is caring, loving but is so talented in teaching.  We love the small classroom size so my son can get to know his friends and get more attention.   The principal understands the personality of each kid so she can individualize her teaching method.  My children absolutely adore Bella.

Mathplus program has an excellent curriculum to ensure excellence in mathematical education and critical thinking of all students with diverse individual capabilities and interest levels.  Under the guidance of Bella the Principal, Mathplus Program is truly key to lifelong success of all our kids!

Ana Alexander

My son has been a student at MathPlus School for four years. We wanted to challenge him in math, outside the pressure of the school setting. MathPlus has provided that! He has learned a ton, and has enjoyed both group and private lessons. I recommend MathPlus to anyone that wants to positively challenge a child to excel and love math!

Cára Mezzetti Calmon

Thank you for all the wonderful work you’ve done with Liam. He has such a great foundation in math now, and his confidence is through the room with what he can do. Liam has no apprehension about taking on challenging math concepts and equations, even if he has not learned the concepts yet. We owe you a great deal of gratitude and appreciation for getting him to this point. He has so enjoyed your classes, and looks forward to them each week.

Thank you so much!

Catherine Chan

Math Plus is a phenomenal program, it really propels the kids forward in math. While initial concepts may seem difficult to grasp, and so many areas are covered, Bella said it would be fine, and it was! She lays a great foundation, like planting seeds, and by mid year they take root, grow and bloom. It’s been so worthwhile for the kids – to have something challenging and fun, to see their confidence develop and them excel. Bella is great with the kids, very encouraging and supportive if they need help. We’ve been happy to refer our friends, many of whom have switched from other programs – MathPlus covers more material and the tuition is slightly less, and month to month. Highly recommend!

Alexandra Vasiliu

MathPlus School is an amazing school. I don’t have enough words to praise the academic level of this school.

My 7-year-old son has been a student here for a couple of months, and his progress is evident. He can solve advanced problems now.

Mrs. Bella Gersht, the math teacher, is excellent. She is very kind and patient with all children. Her teaching methods are great, as well as her math books and materials. Students can easily follow her explanations and solve problems without support. Her passion for math is contagious, and my son loves that.

I highly recommend sending your kids here.


MathPlus was a life saver during the Covid beginning. My son (7yo at the time) got signed in the program and I was confident right away that he will be learning a lot while his regular school was figuring out the situation. As a parent I have nothing but positive things to say about the MathPlus. My son simply loves math now and is waiting for new interesting and manageable material. The curriculum they offer is a great opportunity to improve or advance your child’s knowledge of mathematics. It covers not only basic math, but also has an early introduction of geometry and algebra. The lessons are over zoom, but my now 8 years old son is sitting through them with no problems, the time goes by fast and he is learning through understanding and not just memorizing. He is getting smarter every day and is improving his math level with every class. We took a spring’20 semester, a  summer class and are currently enrolled as well. I will definitely recommend MathPlus and their amazing teacher. A few of my friends got signed up this year and their kids love it as well. 

Alisha and William Nguyen (Parents of MathPlus School Students)

Our girls have been with MathPlus for almost 2 years. Not only does the program provide our daughters with foundational knowledge of mathematics but it also sparks their joy and passion for learning. They have improved tremendously over a short period of time. As parents, we are pleased with the progress. We highly recommend MathPlus to families who want a challenging and comprehensive curriculum for their children.

Larysa Zakirova

After our kids started going to MathPlus School, we saw a significant progress in their math knowledge. We also noticed how they enjoy going to the classes as the tasks are entertaining and fun! The variety of problems and the way how class and home work is presented is great. Also, Bella is a very nice and talented teacher. We would highly recommend MathPlus school to the parents, who want to bring their kids to the next level in math.

Julia Goldberg

We joined MathPlus when my daughter was in 3rd grade as her teacher at brookline elementary school was concerned about her math ability. My thoughts were that having an additional math practice would help her succeed in the average math level at school. To my surprise she became the best math student in her class by the end of the 3rd grade. We continued to attend MathPlus and my daughter continued to be one of the best students in her grade. And now she will be taking the highest level of math in high school . She plans to attend MathPlus during her high school to work towards preparation for college admissions tests. We really appreciate great job of MathPlus teachers, their attention to every child and enthusiasm about learning math.

Yana Rogozin

I am a big believer that a child – teacher relationship is a foundation for success.   A teacher’s approach to students can greatly affect the results. My son tried pre-k program at another math school and it  was a struggle for both of us. The class was too big, he felt lost and never really connected with his teacher; he was miserable I felt guilty and that was the end of it. So I had my reservations when he started Kindergarten math at Math Plus with Bella this September. Fast forward to 4 months; I am happy and relieved –my son is very engaged, loves coming to class and feels like he is a part of the group. Classes are small (4-5 kids) and it’s the best of both worlds it is still semi private and they also get to interact with other kids and learn together. We are both looking forward to more Math and other programs at Math Plus in the future.

Anya Zelfond, mother of 1st grade student.

My daughter has been enrolled in Math Plus Saturday morning program since September of 2015. The school has a wonderful and very personalized approach to teaching mathematics. Children are guided in “outside the box thinking” while working through riddles and word problems and simultaneously developing a solid foundation in basic arithmetic skills. The skills acquired in the math school have also been an asset when working through her regular school work. I would recommend this school with confidence to parents seeking an individualized and caring approach to developing math and logic skill while working with younger learners. Wish I knew about this school last year. A fun yet disciplined approach to teaching math.