Cindy Malhotra

My son and daughter have always loved math but was never challenged. One of our friends introduced us to the MathPlus program and it has changed the way my children leaned math in so many positive ways.  We have been with the program for almost three years now.  The Mathplus program has provided him the opportunity to dig deeply into the subject and challenged him to think critically.  Mrs. Bella who is the Principal of the Mathplus Program is the most competent, most informed, and the most caring teacher we have known.  She is caring, loving but is so talented in teaching.  We love the small classroom size so my son can get to know his friends and get more attention.   The principal understands the personality of each kid so she can individualize her teaching method.  My children absolutely adore Bella.

Mathplus program has an excellent curriculum to ensure excellence in mathematical education and critical thinking of all students with diverse individual capabilities and interest levels.  Under the guidance of Bella the Principal, Mathplus Program is truly key to lifelong success of all our kids!