MathPlus program was founded 10 years ago, and we are very grateful for confidence shown in us by our students and their parents as student success is at the center of our mission. MathPlus offers learning programs based on an educational framework which recognizes individual learning styles and emphasizes self-discovery through responsive communication with students. We are driven to provide a curriculum and a setting that encourages our students of various age groups, to excel in the subject of math. Our teaching instructors strive to enable students to develop skills associated with problem solving and thus positive learning outcomes. Our instructors have academic credentials in the field of education together with decades of practical experience teaching school-age children. Our staff is well versed in the latest mathematic teaching methods.

First and foremost, we recognize the central need to direct individualized attention to our students, believing it is integral to the learning process and essential to students’ progress and development on the academic track.

We maintain high educational standards aimed at improving learning outcomes; we challenge our students to realize their full potential and excel in math subjects! We customize our teaching methods, embracing individual learning styles as we build on personal interaction with each child. Our classes consist of no more than six children so that we can know our students better on an individual personal level. We collaborate with students in the learning process; we present them with a wide array of learning activities so as to foster and sustain interest in mathematical concepts as well as stimulating critical thinking. Our teachers are passionate about the educational curriculum; they work to provide an educational structure that aids children and stimulates adolescents to achieve optimal learning results and lasting life outcomes.

Our mission is to enhance our students’ knowledge of core topics included in the regular school curriculum. We work to solidify and expand our students’ comfort level with the subject matter, helping them better envision potential applications and in the process, evolve a growth-oriented mindset.

Our ultimate goal is to guide students in attaining critically important knowledge, skills and life-long mathematic literacy so they can succeed on the academic track and then in life.