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MathPlus offers the programs for the children from Preschool to the 10th Grade. Our curriculum combines the complimentary to the school program with the advanced math including the theorem proofs and solving the Olympiad type problems.


Free Trial Lessons are available 1/31, 2/28.

K grade 10:30-11:30 (electronic math games) 1 grade 11:30-12:30 (electronic math games) 2 grade 12:30-1:30 3 grade 1:30-2:30 4 grade 2:30-3:30 5-7 grades 9:30-10:30am




New subject at Mathplus – “Design Squad”

MathPlus School would glad to present you a new subject Design Squad. Make original and ancient inventions from scratch, and take them home. Like PBS TV Kids Show, this course is your chance to build and re-engineer everyday things and recycled stuff into cool science toys and games. You’ll build and take apart simple machines […]


Make a Bouncing Polymer Ball.

You will need Ingredients: borax, cornstarch, white glue & water. Balls have been toys practically forever, but the bouncing ball is a more recent innovation. Bouncing balls were originally made of natural rubber, though now bouncing balls can be made of plastics and other polymers or even treated leather. Make a Bouncing Polymer Ball You […]
Math Plus School address has changed


Math Plus School has moved to a new address

You can find us at the new address. Our new location is 634 Commonwealth ave, suite 209, Newton MA 02459

The first lesson is a free trial. A non-refundable payment for the month is due on the first lesson of the month. We accept personal checks or cash only.

Tuition Fees:


minute lesson

Missed Classes Policy:

If your child missed the class, the teacher will provide the classwork and homework materials. The teacher will be available to discuss the missed class material with you. No payments for the missed classes will be refunded as the tuition fee includes many business expenses such as insurance, rent, classwork and homework preparation, which are not refundable as well.