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The MathPlus advanced math program was established with the goal of providing children with high-level education in the fields of Mathematics. Our classes are small, not more than 5-10 children, allowing for individualized attention to each student. Our approach to teaching mathematics is quite different from other schools. Our main goal is to show children the beauty of mathematics and science. In addition to asking them to solve challenging math and science problems, we make sure our students are proficient in preparing for the SAT and other standardized entrance tests. We provide tutoring and after-school educational classes for students of all ages from the Sharon area.


815 Washington suite1Newtonville 02460

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 Phone: 1-617-308-2603



New Robotics program

New Robotics program at MathPlus School! STEAM workshops will focus on about six robots, including Asimo of Honda, Pepper, Robobees


Chess Winners

We are very proud of our future chess masters at MathPlus School! We are currently registering for Fall classes for


Thank you for an amazing 2017 school year at MathPlus School

Dear Parents, We would like to thank all of our great teachers and parents for an amazing 2017 school year!

Missed Classes Policy:

If your child has missed a class, the teacher will provide the classwork and homework materials. The teacher will be available to discuss the missed class material with you. Payments for missed classes will not be refunded as the tuition fee includes many business expenses such as insurance, rent, classwork and homework preparation, which are not refundable.