New Robotics program at MathPlus School! STEAM workshops will focus on about six robots, including Asimo of Honda, Pepper, Robobees
We are very proud of our future chess masters at MathPlus School! We are currently registering for Fall classes for
Dear Parents, We would like to thank all of our great teachers and parents for an amazing 2017 school year!
Our new location is 815 Washington st, suite 1, Newtonville 02460 8 min from Newton Center
MathPlus School has opened registration for the 2017-2018 school year! It’s never too early to start planning for next year.
2017 Best Math Tutors in Boston Award
MathPlus School is proud to have been awarded the 2017 Best Math Tutors in Boston Award by Expertise.
We have been busy at MathPlus school, working hard with our students and finding innovative, fun and educational classes to add to our offerings. Read more…
Students were very excited by the visit of two lizards: Kimba, a 3-year-old leopard gecko, and Orangeade, a 4-month-old bearded dragon. Read more…
Did you know that MathPlus School offers Chess classes? Classes are offered for children K-7 grade, in a one on
You will need Ingredients: borax, cornstarch, white glue & water. Balls have been toys practically forever, but the bouncing ball

Dear Parents, please look at Holiday -2016

MathPlus School would glad to present you a new subject Design Squad. Make original and ancient inventions from scratch, and
Build a fizz inflator
The baking soda and the vinegar create an ACID-BASE reaction and the two chemicals work together to create a gas, (carbon dioxide).