2017 Holiday Schedule- the school will be closed on these days 
  • September 5th- Labor Day
  • October 10th- Columbus Day
  • November 24th-25th- Thanksgiving recess
  • December 26th through January 2nd,2017- -December recess
  • February 20th-24th –Winter Vacation
  • April 17th-21st- Spring Vacation
  • May 29th- Memorial day
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Math Preschool  
English Preschool  
Chess – beginning 1 Grade  Preschool  
Chemistry 7 Grade  8 Grade  


Math – Geometry 7 Grade  
Chess 2 Grade  Kindergarten  


Math Kindergarten  
English – Beginning Kindergarten  


Math – Algebra 5 Grade  
Math – Algebra 7 Grade  
Math – Algebra 9 Grade  
Chess – High 7 Grade  


Steam Team 1st Year  
Steam Team 2nd Year  


Math 1 Grade  
Math 2 Grade  
Math 3 Grade  
Math 4 Grade  
Chess – Medium 3 Grade  4 Grade  


Math Kindergarten  
Math SAT 7 Grade  8 Grade  
Math Preschool  
Math SAT 7 Grade  8 Grade  
Math SAT 7 Grade  8 Grade  
Chess – Beginning Kindergarten  Preschool