Mother of Leon-Lena Kalenjan

My son started taking math classes with Bella at 3 yo, which may seem early. However she was able to structure the class in such way that would develop their logic, cognitive skills in problem and riddle solving. A year later my son can easily write numbers, solve basic math problems and logically connect the dots. We highly recommend Bella.

Regina Sabitov

From the bottom of my heart, i would like to thank you for the wonderful experience with Pre-K Math program. My son absolutely loves it. I don’t have to ask him twice to go to the class or to do his home work.Classes are very engaging and entertaining. The concept of making stories based on math is very interesting. I can truly state, that my son’s perception of things and logic boosted up. I also like the size of our class. I strongly feel that each child gets enough of your personal attention. It’s very important. Looking forward to the next year in the Kindergarten program.

Arina Gowen 4 Grade Nick

Nick is showing a good progress for his math skills. It generally seems his math work is not difficult for him and we believe that Saturday class giving him a stronger math foundation for the future learning. It is providing a helpful preparation for Algebra and Geometry in the middle school. Overall the program has been very helpful.

Shrabstein, Annat – mother of Ari 8 year old student of Design Squad

My 8-year-old son is generally analytical and curious, so I looked for a STEM-type activity for him. I’m so happy that we found Design Squad! The class provides a playful atmosphere for learning on a very wide range of topics. The activities range from learning about ancient Egyptian culture and rituals to building robots, to making natural remedies from bees wax, to science experiments – my son loves the variety! The instructor, Mrs. Nic, has a ton of energy and clearly loves what she does – she is able to engage my son and keep him interested week after week.

Katrina Generozov, Doctor of Pharmacy

I am very impressed with Math Plus school. My four year old son made a big progress in a very short time and he became very interested in math right away. The number of children in class is very small so each child gets a lot of attention from the teacher. I am especially grateful to Bella Gersht for her unique teaching strategy. She is very dedicated and professional teacher who goes above and beyond to make sure your child succeeds in math and other sciences.

Tamara Kett, mother of 6th grade student

When we began sending our daughter to MathPlus in third grade, she used to say things like, “I’m not good at math”. We saw gains right away in her understanding and comfort in math. After three years, she was consistently performing at the top of her math class at her French bilingual school. This year, she was recognized for scoring in the top 1% worldwide in Concours Kangourou, a math contest taken by students in French schools around the world. Now she says, “Math is my favorite subject!”

Simona Shuster Tseglin, parent of MathPlus student.

My daughter Renee has been attending MathPluss School since Kindergarten. I have seen her love of learning math increased tremendously and her confidence soars as she understands and solves problems. I am extremely happy with the level of professionalism at MathPlus and the small class size. I am convinced that she is at her advanced level because we started her leaning at a Kindergarten level. The learned techniques continue to make math fun and easy for Renee in the second grade as well. I highly recommend MathPluss to all parents looking to engage their children and promote the love of learning from an early age.

Michael Chumak, Ph.D. in Math, 179 School Graduate

I have two sons who are attending the 3rd and 5th grades this year. What I can see is that they are interested and very involved. Being quite gifted in math, they still have to spend more than an hour doing their math homework every week, as the problems are complex and challenging. I would like to thank the MathPlus’ dedicated teachers who are helping my children not only to develop the math skills, but also appreciate the beauty of mathematics.

E. Rubin M.S in Engineering. Israel Institute of Technology

I would just like to say how much I appreciate MathPlus School’s approach to teaching math. The math program has been carefully designed not only to teach the subject at a really challenging level but also to inspire children and develop their genuine interest in math. The teachers at the school are very experienced, knowledgeable and committed to deliver the best math education possible. I am very impressed by my son’s progress in the subject, and I can recommend this program to children looking for a challenging and friendly environment to learn math.

Nina Olchaniy M.S Engineer. 57 Math School Graduate

My daughter has been attending MathPlus school for one semester. She is taking Math and Russian Language classes. Lora has already greatly improved the math skills since the beginning of the semester. She can now solve the challenging Olympiad level problems. Thanks to the Russian language class, my daughter can read Russian literature and write in Russian. Thank you MathPlus school for a great program with a wide selection of subjects.