Larysa Zakirova

After our kids started going to MathPlus School, we saw a significant progress in their math knowledge. We also noticed how they enjoy going to the classes as the tasks are entertaining and fun! The variety of problems and the way how class and home work is presented is great. Also, Bella is a very nice and talented teacher. We would highly recommend MathPlus school to the parents, who want to bring their kids to the next level in math.

Julia Goldberg

We joined MathPlus when my daughter was in 3rd grade as her teacher at brookline elementary school was concerned about her math ability. My thoughts were that having an additional math practice would help her succeed in the average math level at school. To my surprise she became the best math student in her class by the end of the 3rd grade. We continued to attend MathPlus and my daughter continued to be one of the best students in her grade. And now she will be taking the highest level of math in high school . She plans to attend MathPlus during her high school to work towards preparation for college admissions tests. We really appreciate great job of MathPlus teachers, their attention to every child and enthusiasm about learning math.

Yana Rogozin

I am a big believer that a child – teacher relationship is a foundation for success.   A teacher’s approach to students can greatly affect the results. My son tried pre-k program at another math school and it  was a struggle for both of us. The class was too big, he felt lost and never really connected with his teacher; he was miserable I felt guilty and that was the end of it. So I had my reservations when he started Kindergarten math at Math Plus with Bella this September. Fast forward to 4 months; I am happy and relieved –my son is very engaged, loves coming to class and feels like he is a part of the group. Classes are small (4-5 kids) and it’s the best of both worlds it is still semi private and they also get to interact with other kids and learn together. We are both looking forward to more Math and other programs at Math Plus in the future.

New Robotics program

New Robotics program at MathPlus School!

STEAM workshops will focus on about six robots, including Asimo of Honda, Pepper, Robobees of Harvard Microbiotics and StickyBot of Stanford.

Learn about how they work and how they were made.

Anya Zelfond, mother of 1st grade student.

My daughter has been enrolled in Math Plus Saturday morning program since September of 2015. The school has a wonderful and very personalized approach to teaching mathematics. Children are guided in “outside the box thinking” while working through riddles and word problems and simultaneously developing a solid foundation in basic arithmetic skills. The skills acquired in the math school have also been an asset when working through her regular school work. I would recommend this school with confidence to parents seeking an individualized and caring approach to developing math and logic skill while working with younger learners. Wish I knew about this school last year. A fun yet disciplined approach to teaching math.

Mother of Leon-Lena Kalenjan

My son started taking math classes with Bella at 3 yo, which may seem early. However she was able to structure the class in such way that would develop their logic, cognitive skills in problem and riddle solving. A year later my son can easily write numbers, solve basic math problems and logically connect the dots. We highly recommend Bella.

Regina Sabitov

From the bottom of my heart, i would like to thank you for the wonderful experience with Pre-K Math program. My son absolutely loves it. I don’t have to ask him twice to go to the class or to do his home work.Classes are very engaging and entertaining. The concept of making stories based on math is very interesting. I can truly state, that my son’s perception of things and logic boosted up. I also like the size of our class. I strongly feel that each child gets enough of your personal attention. It’s very important. Looking forward to the next year in the Kindergarten program.

Arina Gowen 4 Grade Nick

Nick is showing a good progress for his math skills. It generally seems his math work is not difficult for him and we believe that Saturday class giving him a stronger math foundation for the future learning. It is providing a helpful preparation for Algebra and Geometry in the middle school. Overall the program has been very helpful.

Shrabstein, Annat – mother of Ari 8 year old student of Design Squad

My 8-year-old son is generally analytical and curious, so I looked for a STEM-type activity for him. I’m so happy that we found Design Squad! The class provides a playful atmosphere for learning on a very wide range of topics. The activities range from learning about ancient Egyptian culture and rituals to building robots, to making natural remedies from bees wax, to science experiments – my son loves the variety! The instructor, Mrs. Nic, has a ton of energy and clearly loves what she does – she is able to engage my son and keep him interested week after week.

Katrina Generozov, Doctor of Pharmacy

I am very impressed with Math Plus school. My four year old son made a big progress in a very short time and he became very interested in math right away. The number of children in class is very small so each child gets a lot of attention from the teacher. I am especially grateful to Bella Gersht for her unique teaching strategy. She is very dedicated and professional teacher who goes above and beyond to make sure your child succeeds in math and other sciences.