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MathPlus School has one of the most advanced math programs in the US.

MathPlus School has one of the most advanced math programs in the US. The main goal of our curriculum is to drive our students to excel in math at all school grades, win math Olympiads and get admitted to the best colleges.

Our classes are small, not more than 6 children, allowing for individualized attention to each student. Our approach to teaching mathematics is quite different from other schools. Our main goal is to show children the beauty of mathematics. 

MathPlus School offers after-school enrichment programs for children of Preschool age through 10th grade; covering diverse subjects such as:

  • Preschool and Kindergarten Math
  • Advanced Math Program Grade K-10
  • Math Olympiad

Our innovative math curriculum combines advanced math concepts and topics, theorem proofs and Olympiad type problems, that are complementary to school programs.

I would just like to say how much I appreciate MathPlus School's approach to teaching math. The math program has been carefully designed not only to teach the subject at a really challenging level but also to inspire children and develop their genuine interest in math. The teachers at the school are very experienced, knowledgeable and committed to deliver the best math education possible. I am very impressed by my son's progress in the subject, and I can recommend this program to children looking for a challenging and friendly enviornment to learn math.

E. Rubin M.S. in Engineering

Israel Institute of Technology

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience with the Pre-K math program My son absolutely loves it. I don't have to ask him twice to go to the class or to do his homework. Classes are very engaging and entertaining. The concept of making stories based on math is very interesting. I can truly state, that my son's perception of things and logic has been boosted up. I also like the size of our class. I strongly feel that each child gets enough of your personal attention. It's very important. Looking forward to the next year in the Kindergarten program.

Regina Sabitov

We joined MathPlus School when my daughter was in 3rd grade as her teacher at Brookline Elementary School was concerned about her math ability. My thoughts were that having an additional math practice would help her succeed in the average math level at school. To my surprise she became the best math student in her class by the end of the 3rd grade. We continued to attend MathPluse and my daughter continued to be one of the best students in her grade. And now she will be taking the highest level of math in high school. She plans to attend MathPlus during her high school to work towards preparation for college admissions tests. We really appreciate the great job of MathPlus teacher, their attention to every child and their enthusiasm about learning math.

Julia Goldberg