MathPlus school offers programs for grades K- 15 years of age. Our curriculum acts as a compliment to traditional school programs combined with advanced math skills. The program covers both algebra and geometry and introduces new math topics by allowing students to solve challenging problems. The program includes preparation for the SAT 1 and SAT 2. Our final goal is to help our students succeed in school programs and successfully pass the SAT tests. We provide a free evaluation session where we evaluate each student’s current abilities, as well as the areas that need attention and improvement. Based on the evaluation, we offer either individual tutoring or SAT preparation classes. These groups contain no more than five students and meet once a week. The curriculum is based on the SAT preparation textbooks. The diagnostic tests help us find the areas that need improvement and customize the program for each student. In addition, our instructors provide test techniques that greatly improve exam results. The SAT test is critical for college admission.