Math SAT 2

Math SAT 2 Preparation Class for 8th level students! We give your child the skills to succeed and be confident when taking the test.This class will also cover topics in Precalculus. Open to all 8, 9, & 10 grade students. It will help showcase your child’s knowledge and achievement in math.

Precalculus Part2 – SAT Subject Test Math Level 2

(Using Barron’s SAT 2 Book)

  1. Logarithms Properties
  2. Logarithms Graphs
  3. Exponents Properties
  4. Exponents & Logarithm Equations. SAT2 Test
  5. Rational Functions and Asymptotes.
  6. SAT2 Formulas – Review. SAT2 Test
  7. Review Complex Numbers.
  8. Review Inversed Functions, Function Composition. SAT2 Test
  9. Review Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series. SAT2 Test
  10. Matrices, Determinant. SAT2 Test
  11. 3D Geometry. SAT2 Test
  12. Review Conic Sections. SAT2 Test
  13. Review Linear, Quadratic, Trigonometry Functions. SAT2 Test
  14. Review Conic Sections (Ellipse, Parabola, Hyperbola). SAT2 Test
  15. Review Quadratic Inequalities, Counting (Combinatorics). SAT2 Test
  16. Basic Statistics. SAT2 Test
  17. Review Probability. SAT2 Test