Preschool – Enrichment program 4 – 5 years

In an enjoyable and playful manner students will explore ABCs, phonics, grasp early reading skills, increase their vocabularies, learn reasoning, numbers, ordinal numbers, shapes, colors and logical thinking. They will continue discovering the world around them, learn about expressing themselves, ask for directions, learn to follow directions and gain important skills for future success in school. There will be plenty of hands-on activities, as well as gross motor activities, music and movement, exercises, memory development, and mind-stimulating board and floor games.

About the Preschool program

The many dimensions of math

Even for young children, math is more than just a numbers game. Math has many dimensions, including:
    • Number sense (e.g., the numeral “4” represents four objects, which is greater that 3 and less than 5)
    • Geometry (e.g., patterns and shapes, each with unique features)
    • Measurement (e.g., size, distance, amount)
    • The language of math (e.g., more than, less than, equal to)
Spatial relations (e.g., in front of or behind; near or far) Numbers
  • During the fourth year, many children can accurately count up to five items, some can count up to 10, and a few can count to 20
  • Many four-year-olds can tell what number comes after a given number in a sequence up to 10. For example, if asked “ “What comes after 1-2-3-4-5-6?” many four-year-olds can answer “7,” and so forth
  • Given two numbers between 1 and 10, many five-year-olds can tell which is larger