About the Chemistry Program

7 – 11 Grade

MathPlus offers Chemistry for grades 7-11. The program covers inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. The goal of the program is to complement the school program, as well as to prepare for the SAT subject test. Experience chemistry in small classes of 3-5 students.

Inorganic chemistry

  • Atoms and molecules. Structure of molecules. Valence
  • Oxygen and oxides
  • Hydrogen
  • Water
  • Solutions and solubility
  • Acids and acidic oxides
  • Bases and basic oxides. Metals and non-metals
  • Acids and bases. Neutralization. Salts
  • Basic classes of inorganic compounds
  • Properties of acids and bases
  • Soluble and insoluble salts. Qualitative analytical reactions
  • Halogens
  • Alkaline
  • Atomic and molecular mass. Moles
  • Chemical periodicity

Organic chemistry

  • How organic compounds differ from inorganic: atomic composition and shape of molecules
  • Major classes of organic compounds: from alcohols to proteins and DNA

“Well, I see I am not designed to the finding out the Philosophers Stone, I have been so unlucky in my first attempts in chemistry.”

Robert Boyle 1627 – 1691

Natural philosopher, Chemist, Physicist